identity crisis central!

here, you will learn everything about me & not a single thing at all. despite how much i've poured into this site, likely i will remain as much a stranger to you as i am to myself! here be neither lies nor truths. something something. profundity is really beyond me, i'm just trying to take myself less seriously in the making of this place. welcome to this particular little corner. if you're like me, you're finding this after meandering through the corridors of neocities and indulging in the strange turns it has taken you down. will you even read this? maybe, maybe not. but feel free to click around!

what's the point?

I miss the early aughts. All my wonder for the web was found there. And i'm sick of web 2.0 - my guess is you might be too, if you're here! So how do I celebrate that nostalgia? What do I do here?

At the time of writing this? There is fucking nothing here. but the intention? fandom shrines, random thoughts, eclectic collages, and musings on fiction and reality. Maybe even some trauma processing! Who knows? Like I said before, I'm trying not to take myself too seriously.